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Thera-Clip Essential Oil Nose Clip


Natural Relief You Can Take Anywhere

Benefits of Thera-Clip

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Thera-Clip provides a constant flow of aromatherapy relief, while resting comfortably and discreetly within the nasal cavity.

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No unwanted side-effects; Our organic blends do not induce drowsiness or fatigue

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We ensure that all of our products are made with 100% BPA free material

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MADe in the USA

Every EO Scientific product is proudly designed, manufactured, and packaged in the USA 


Each of our blends are thoroughly researched and developed to ensure that they are safe, natural, and effective

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From the office to the gym, Thera-Clip provides comfortable, discreet, and hands-free relief wherever you need it most

FAST ACTING & Easy to use

Simply place Thera-Clip in your nose and breathe normally. Results can often be noticed within minutes

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Reviews & Testimonials

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Releases botanical extract



Disrupts airflow for increased botanical  vapor dispersion

BPA Free Construction

Made only with materials that contain no BPA's

Clip Arch

Keeps clip secured in place


Adds flexibility for increased comfort

About Thera-Clip

Continuous aromatherapy relief

Thera-Clip is an innovative essential oil nasal inhaler designed to provide a more effective therapeutic experience than traditional aromatherapy application methods. While traditional inhalers require the user to hold the device to their nose for extended periods of time, Thera-Clip rests comfortably and discreetly within the nasal cavity, giving the user a direct and constant flow of aromatherapy relief.

 Find a more natural source of relief with Thera-Clip!

Find Your Relief

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"The Motion Sickness Thera-Clip worked like a charm! I tested it out on one of Idaho's windiest highways and didn't even have a hint of nausea. I give this product 5 stars because it worked so well and had such a fresh and calm scent."

— Jami C.

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“This Spring through fall was my worst ever for headaches, head tension, and sinus congestion. These Thera-Clips gave me amazing relief almost immediately and would continue the entire time I would wear them. Amazingly effective! Cannot thank you enough.”

-Perren B.

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“I've been looking for some way to help support my immune system while still wearing my mask and I finally found Thera-Clip. I couldn't be happier with the Immunity Boost blend! ”

— Stacey L.

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“Thera-clip is a game changer for mask wearing! Stress blend is easy to wear and really relaxes me. I don’t go anywhere without it.”

— Jenna F.

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